Everything is better by the pool—especially when you’re paid $100,000 for it!

Swimply, a neighborhood-based marketplace that lets you rent pools, hot tubs, sports courts, and more, is searching for its first-ever Chief Pools Officer. This lucky new CPO will be paid for traveling and reviewing pools in all 50 states from July through September. Talk about a perfect summer position. And with a generous paycheck: $50,000 base pay for efforts, travel, and other poolside essentials, plus up to another 50 grand in performance bonuses.

“This is more than a dream job; it’s a summer-long pool party,” says Swimply CEO Derek Callow. “If you have a passion for pools and a splash of charisma, we’re looking for you to help spread the Swimply sunshine. Jump in—the water’s great!”

This swimmer will travel near and far to test out Swimply pools. From a breathtaking Las Vegas sunrise waterfall oasis to a luxe Grecian pool with a 180-degree valley view in L.A., the possibilities are bountiful. With features like water slides, grottos, jacuzzis, and more, this unforgettable job will feel like a vacation.

Along the way, the chosen CPO will share their experiences living the high life like a social media influencer. They’ll share the Swimply love, hosting lively pool parties, imparting expertise, and, of course, having a blast.

Pool enthusiasts are welcome to apply May 15 through June 15. Just book a Swimply pool and create a video for TikTok or Instagram (tag @swimply, #SwimplyDreamJob) to shoot your shot for this irresistible opportunity.

Swimply started on Shark Tank and has really changed the game for people who want to have pool hangouts with their friends, but don’t have a house with a pool. And they don’t just have pools in their marketplace, users can also rent sports courts… pickleball, anyone?

So, just keep swimming…and maybe apply for this enticing position with Swimply while you’re at it.

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