Unlocking The Power Of A.I.
EY Americas Customer and Growth Leader, Duncan Avis, joined us on the trading floor to discuss how companies can unlock the power of their A.I. investments
How to Keep Business Technology Safe From Hackers
Lisa Raykowski, security architect leader for EY Americas, explains what corporate leaders should consider when trying to protect their systems, as well as their clients' information.
How To Navigate AI Use At Work
Traci Gusher, consulting data & analytics leader for EY America talks about the need for businesses to embrace emerging artificial intelligence.
SEC Eyes New Cybersecurity Regulations
Keith Mularski, managing director of EY Cybersecurity, spoke to Cheddar News at the RSA Conference to talk about how new regulations aiming to prevent cyber attacks could change the way companies look to do business and also help investors. "Cyber is one of the biggest threats facing companies right now, and as a result of that, the government is getting more involved," he said.
Why Empathy is Viewed as a Top Leadership Skill
Kim Billeter, EY Americas People Advisory Services Leader, joins Cheddar News to discuss why empathy is seen as a top leadership skill, and how to authentically lead with empathy.
Making the Metaverse More Accessible
Cheddar checks out EY's metaverse lab exhibit at SXSW to explore how this tech can help businesses connect with customers and cultivate new ideas.
How Businesses Can Stay Ahead of Emerging Tech
Brands are always looking for ways to scale and innovate. Cheddar News catches up with John Dubois, EY Consumer Data & Analytics Leader, at EY's Emerging Tech pop-up event at SXSW to find out how brands can stay ahead of emerging tech.
Tips for Staying Ahead of Cyberwarfare
Cheddar News catches up with Payal Thakkar, EY Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Cybersecurity Leader, at SXSW to break down how cyberattacks are evolving, what solutions are out there to battle these attacks, and give advice for staying ahead of cyberwarfare.
Companies at CES Focus on ESG and Innovation
Cheddar News Senior Reporter Michelle Castillo reports from the show floor of CES 2023 in Las Vegas on one of the major trends seen across the event and amongst the innovation: a strong emphasis on maintaining and improving ESG standards while creating new value out of sustainability.
Investing in Your Brand & the Future of Marketing
Janet Balis, EY Marketing Practice Leader, and Charisse Hughes, Chief Brand and Advanced Analytics Officer, Kellogg’s, join Cheddar News at CES in Las Vegas to discuss the importance of investing in your brand in the face of recession fears, the biggest challenges that CMOs are facing today, and where opportunity can be found in the adversity.
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